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Chairmans Letter

Printers Toolbox is the Center of Corporate Communications

Printers have never been in a better position to flourish than this year, this quarter, this month!

I have yet to pick up an industry-related journal or article that will make this statement. Yet in my daily activities as President of Salem One, and my interactions across the Print landscape, I believe this statement to be entirely accurate. All we hear and read about is technological change and the benefits of multi-channel, cross-channel and, the big one - omni-channel marketing. On one hand, these terms carry all that clients have been waiting for; on the other, theyre just empty words needing answers.

One of my favorite activities in this industry is interacting with corporate decision-makers. From the C-Suite to individual project managers, they are all looking for a tangible and quantifiable return on investment for the dollars they spend. Regardless of print method or communication channel, from ink and toner on paper to Mail, POP, POS, packaging, wide format, internet advertising, TV and radio, they are being asked to maximize their purchasing value. In the C-Suite, this is sometimes a more formal accounting-based ROI statement, but more often these are gigantic guesstimates on whether what is being spent is working. They need answers, and after having earned a trusting relationship, they will tell you, "we just dont know."

Well, Im a Printer, and I do know. I just ask that you let me prove it to you!

A Printer these days is defined as someone who knows how to link brand messaging and corporate communications to the end consumers actions. In fact, the Printer of today knows how to create a "call to action" by that highly valuable consumer. There is no other industry that is home to a wider and deeper talent pool when it comes to creating, managing and delivering on this promise than Print. This includes definable ROI.

I am thrilled to step into the role of Chairman for the Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA). I know this is the organization where real answers for corporate decision makers are found. I hope you will all join me in letting the world know that Print is the home to innovation and definable results. And when you come across that corporate decision-maker seeking answers, just tell them to hold for a second, you have plenty in your toolbox to help them succeed.

Thats what I get to do every day!

Phil Kelley, Jr.
Chairman, PICA
Salem One