Educational Programs

PICA/xpedx Graphics Management Institute


The Graphics Management Institute (GMI) was established in 1977 to provide a program of continuing education to the graphic arts and printing industry.

Each year, GMI presents a major program geared toward keeping company owners and other key managers up-to-date on industry trends, management practices, and developing technologies.

The GMI curriculum, which PICA prepares and coordinates, includes seminars on sales and marketing, personnel, industrial relations, financing, computer applications, industrial relations, government affairs, and technical skills.

PICA Foundation and Dillard Paper Company -- now called xpedx -- jointly endowed GMI, each contibuting $50,000 to the fund, which partially underwrites tuition and fees. Endowment funds also help provide stipends for institute instructors and speakers.

Graphic arts is a major industry segment in the Carolinas. Like other American industries, graphic arts is faced with a serious workforce shortage. Consequently, PICA Foundation and xpedx have recognized the need to take the initiative now to develop the educated, motivated employees needed to run our businesses, today and in the future. It is that need which the Graphics Management Institute addresses -- the need for an advanced workforce.

Past GMIs

The first program was held in 1961 and the GMI was produced annually until Dillard became the sponsor in 1977. A list of past GMIs are: