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Benefits of Membership

Make better management decisions with Financial Benchmarks such as Cost Ratios and Compensation & Benefits Reports.  Printing Industry Financial Executive (PIFE) basic membership is included free of charge with your PICA membership.

Make better hiring decisions with PICAs Resume Register and Calipers Pre-Employment Testing.

Make better credit decisions with PICAs Slow Pay Report, a free service to PICA Members!  And if an account goes too long in paying, help is available through CST Collection Services.

Increase your marketing reach with the national searchable database PrintAccess, free to members.  Also, PICA regularly assists print buyers in finding the printer who best fits their needs, also provided free to members.  Sales and Marketing Executive (S&ME) basic membership is included free of charge with PICA Membership.

Increase your bottom line by reducing your overhead costs with significant savings from the PICA Insurance Groups Workers Comp and Property/Casualty Insurance products.

Make better personnel decisions using our free legal referral service, available through Jackson Lewis, with an employment attorney available to answer your questions any time.  Keep the complimentary Employer Desk Reference at your side to answer those simple employment questions.  Also, PICA members can use the Printing Industries of America HR Hotline  to get support on employment issues.

Get answers to your technical questions quickly through your Printing Industries of America technical hotline available free to PICA members. 

Keep informed through industry publications such as GATF World, PIAs Management Portfolio, PICATalk, and the PICA Scanner.  Printing Industries of America has an extensive offering of books, manuals, guides, etc., available to members at members-only pricing.

Get answers to your OSHA/EPA questions by having access to one of the printing industrys leading OSHA/EPA experts at Printing Industries of America.

Train your employees at significant savings through training programs offered by PICA and Printing Industries of America.  Webinars, conferences, seminars are available to members at preferred pricing.

Let your (industrys) voice be heard through PIAs representatives on Capitol Hill.  They also keep tabs on legislation coming through Columbia and Raleigh.  For instance, Do Not Mail legislation has been talked about in Raleigh, but PIA alerted PICA so the industrys position could be delivered in person.  The proposed legislation was dropped.

Focus on your niche Are you a sales or marketing person?  Financial officer?  Into digital printing?  Web offset?  Web-to-print?  Special interest groups exist at Printing Industries of America to help you focus on your specific area of the business.  Sales & Marketing Executives (S&ME), Printing Industry Financial Executives (PIFE) and the Digital Print Council (DPC) all have basic membership available to member companies free of charge.  Premium memberships are available providing more extensive benefits in their respective areas.

Enhance your recognition through the annual PICA Awards.  Show off your work and use the recognition to set your company apart from the competition.  Or use the awards as an employee recognition program.  Either way, you win!  And well enter your Best of Category winners in the national Premier Print Awards at no charge to you!

Increase your bottom line (even more!)  by taking advantage of the preferred pricing you get as a PICA member. For a full listing of Discount Programs, go to